26 Mar 2010

McQueen's Pants

To coin a Kid Page phrase, we at Style Cramp like to think we’re BANG ON ROUTE TO TRENDSVILLE. In so much as we’ll wear the trend whilst pretending we didn’t even notice is was getting big (for the record, if you’re wearing double denim, or even noticing it more, it is solely down to me).

Anyway, I am rambling about trends to excuse the fact that I – like the rest of the fashion world – am still blogging about McQueen.


To be quite frank, I like the dude. A lot. Mostly because he was a bit loony and named his collections things like ‘Highland Rape’, but his AW2010 collection would barely have registered so much as a crackle on my radar if he hadn’t died in such peculiar circumstances. And I’m betting lots of people would be loathe to admit the same.

Announced today is the news that the Alexander McQueen brand will be launching a men’s underwear collection.

The line, to launch in June, was one of McQueen’s last design projects and will retail between £35 for a classic boxer, to £370 for a silk pyjama set. Following on from his signature skull prints, which will feature, there’s a bony theme with x-rays and collages of bones. Swimwear comes in 2011.

Nice underwear - fine. But Saville-Row inspired sleepwear? Who sleeps in anything other than holey grey pants, or if your Marilyn Monroe, Chanel No. 5? I’m largely uninspired.


Vanity St Cyr

Image from www.telegraph.co.uk


  1. Confession; Bang On Route to Trendsville is a phrase I stole from Scott Mills' regular radio feature 'What's Occuring?' Apologies to anyone whose estimation I have now gone down in but Timmy Trendy IS FUNNY.

    Kid Page x (promises to be back to normal blogging speed after a hectic few weeks moving, starting new job)

  2. You'd best! I feel neglected.