6 Apr 2010

Jumbling Massive

So aside from the 10 police at the now infamous Brick Lane T-Shirt Idiot Riots (it's up there with the 1981 Brixton race riots, I tell thee), it would appear Easter Weekend went without any major injuries. Sunday night was a somewhat lengthy drinking affair, coupled with a visit to my favourite East End watering-hole/jumble sale, The Jumble Club @ The Victoria, where I bought a white cotton jumpsuit with gold and black speckled paint-effect, a striped white pencil skirt, and a wool blouse (St Michael, natch). No pictures I’m afraid as I have spot cream on my face and i’m damned if I’m going to photograph me in them now. Ebay-style photos on the floor are a little lack-lustre, so you’ll have to employ your imagination.

Not only does the Jumble Club do fry-ups for £4 and haircuts by the lovely Steph for £20, it’s way cheap and replenished frequently, which is great if your hip friends of the same size and shape get there just before you and bag all the good shit.

Needless to say I’m pissing my pants about the new DM collection that went on show at the Northampton HQ this weekend. The suede brogues in baby blue are FIT. They will be mine.

In other news, new Levi Shop was opened on Regent Street Wednesday. Didn’t have an invite to the event Tues, but from what I’ve seen of it now it’s open, they’re using an interesting bunch of ‘real’ models. I like this gal’s hair.

Can’t beat Levi 501s. I have them in acid wash, dark, and cut off. Sorry dad…

Peace out, Vanity.x

Images from betweeneveryline.blogspot.com and disneyrollergirl.blogspot.com/

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