14 Apr 2010

We're Alive! And Tessa Jowell Likes Our Dress

Brixton Village has recently been host to some wonderful new community business ventures called Spacemakers. Here's a little bit off their website:

Brixton Village - also known as Granville Arcade - is a 1930s indoor market in South London. By mid-2009, a large number of its shops were standing empty. We've been working to turn that around, bringing new community-driven businesses and creative projects into the market.
In the past few months, Brixton Village has hosted everything from pop-up theatres and galleries to a Community Shop led by Transition Town Brixton*, designers and makers' studios, vintage studios, vintage clothing stores, a sweet shop and a cluster of new cafes.

The Times called it "the largest example yet of a growing nationwide trend" for the creative reuse of urban space. Come and be part of the adventure - join us for our all-day events every Saturday or drop in during the week for great lunch options.

It's a Style Cramp summer-resolution to spend more time in Brixton at the weekends. It really comes alive in the sunshine. And with a Portuguese tart in hand on the newly built promenade outside the Ritzy, there's few places in London i'd rather spend a sun-soaked afternoon.

One of the best things about the market is this shop, Rejuvenate. The owner is a sweetheart and she's sourced out some great vintage items and very reasonable prices.

Taffeta cream dress (vintage), £30, Rejuvenate
This fantastic dress was slightly too tight on the breasty region, otherwise I would have had it. It was a steal at £30. I told the owner that she should hike the price up as it was worth more. This was obviously after i'd tearfully admitted it didn't fit.

As I was flouncing about in the doorway letting the owner take my picture, who should come over and shake my hand and comment on the dress, but TESSA JOWELL, MP!

My charming friends call me Jowls, or Tessa, owing to my apparent Droopy Dog face, so this pretty much made my week!


+44 (0) 7506 152 670

Brixton Village is open late on Thursdays and every day during the week.


  1. Do you like the new Windrush Square then? Think I do too though those chairs are sort of odd. They have similar ones in Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, except there you can pick them up and move them around and put them wherever you want, but in Brixton they're screwed down in fake-spontaneous little groups of 2s and 3s. It's like they're saying 'be sociable!' interact with your community!...but only in the way we've shown you how to do.

  2. When I first saw the chairs I thought "no-one's going to sit there" but every time i've been past, they've all been occupied. I guess in places like Central America they do sit in chairs by the road side, so it makes sense that people would in a place like Brixton, given it's cultural roots.

    I really like Windrush Square.