7 May 2010

Fashion Fridays at Topman

Last week kicked off Fashion Friday at Topman on Oxford Street, with the inception of Stylist; a bespoke styling service exclusive to the flagship store.

This article should be about the launch of AAA, the new rock 'n' roll line for Topman, but we can blame a swift change in direction on that darned volcanic ash as the merch wasn't delivered in time.

So last Friday, Kid Page and I grabbed a couple of beers in the reception area on the second floor and the head stylish Luke showed us some of the signature looks (very tailored: carrot-cut trousers, sharp-shouldered blazers, trilbys, slim scarves. Think JLS meets Bros) and explained a bit about the service.

You can book a place for up to two hours, have a few beers, get groomed and preened and walk away with, hopefully, something more stylish than a striped polo shirt.

Upsettingly for me, as I like wearing men’s chinos as they hang better, the cropped ones I tried on would not go over my enormous calves. Ok, they’re not enormous at all, but they felt it when I couldn’t get them off again. That’ll teach me for trying to save time by trying on things on the middle of the shop floor…

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