20 Jul 2010

No love for our box. Just flippin' burgers!

Well doesn't Style Cramp talk the big talk! After all that, we didn't even SEE any styles at Lovebox since on Sunday, we decided to help out our mate instead. Well we were there Friday night mostly sippin' on Relentless in the Relentless VIP bar. Sugar hiiiigh.

Style Cramp was at Lambeth Country Show in Brixton Saturday and Sunday packing meat on Old Spots' organic pork stall. The look du jour was apron, one blue glove, sweaty fringe. FIT.

So what's a fashionista to do when thrown behind a griddle with no pattie experience and a brain NOT made for counting change? Well next time we'll insist on wearing this Etsy beaut. Definitely more suited for mixing up a monster Pimms in the garden than avoiding grease spatter.

 Gingham watermelon apron from Etsy, $30, as featured on Domestic Sluttery

Secret Garden Party is three days away, we're giddy with excitement and no, we certainly won't be selling out on this one!

Style Cramp purchased a glorious floor length gown and a pair of gold hot pants (who doesn't need?) from our wholesale vintage stockist yesterday for £3 and £2 consecutively and they're ready to be packed!! Woopee.

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