2 Sep 2010

Cox Cookies and Cake

Shoe dude Patrick Cox has opened a patisserie just where you'd expect with a name like that; Soho.

Combining the innocent delight of cupcakes and the playful eroticism of his surname, Cox Cookies and Cake opened on Brewer Street yesterday. Cox is in partnership with the French patissier Cake Boy, aka Eric Lanlard.
Cox's cakes aren't sweetness and light, they're Soho and kitsch, which is perfectly prescribed in the ‘beef cake’, decorated with a bulging bicep.

If the neon pink sequined walls make you think 'sex shop', you'd be forgiving for thinking you'd gone in the store next door.

And for culture fact fans: Tracey Emin designed the ‘I Keep Haunting You’ sign behind the counter.

Cox Cookies & Cakes, 13 Brewer Street, W1F 0RH (020 7434 0242 or coxcookiesandcake.com).
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  1. Aren't cupcakes a bit... Bluewater now? Isn't it all about whoopee pies these days?

  2. Yeah but these cupcakes are like...a bit rude, a bit Soho. Well avant garde. OK, not at all avant garde but appazza Coxey really likes cake.