14 Sep 2010

Noughtie Nightlife

Style Cramp dropped in to the launch of an exciting new photo exhibition at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green last week. Noughtie Nightlife was a celebration of all that was fabulous and a bit mental about the dress-up night club scene of the noughties. Cue flashbacks to nights spent travelling to Shoreditch from uni and, maybe i'm mad, but i'm sure I recognised a few characters.

The curator, DJ and photographer Antony Price, is a researcher and lecturer at the London College of Fashion. The exhibition gives an insight into how important club photography was to the noughties night scene, emerging online on sites like Dontstayin.com.
And the fashion was hugely important.

 The underground culture gave us acts like Erol Alkan (curator of cult night Trash, RIP) and Bloc Party and from the shadows re-emerged a New York-like dirty glam scene. Remember Jodie Harsh?

Check out these mad lovelies from the launch night:

(COR BLIMEY I think he ate Culture Club)

A little sneaky peek:

Noughtie Nightlife Exhibition

Thu 9 Sep - Sat 2 Oct / Mezzanine / Free

35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

020 7613 7498





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  3. Aw babe I was there. I wish I'd known who you were! xxMarion

  4. Ah were you! Well I don't know what you bloody look like! Ha, I should have worn my headdress!!!

  5. Dear Style Cramp, Antony Price here, curator of Noughtie Nightlife. Would you mind if we added your images to the launch night archive, full credit of course? Any others you would like to include would also be appreciated and can be sent to lcf.noughtienightlife@gmail.com
    Glad you enjoyed the show.