3 Dec 2010

Tricky - Ghetto Stars ft. Franky Riley / Brown Bread Fred

A fly video here by Tricky with newcomer Franky Riley providing additional vocals. Tricky is hot, whatever you say I totally would.

Tricky - Ghetto Stars with a foreword by Frankie 'Brown Bread' Foreman

This cut is provided by Future Shorts. A foreword by Freddie Foreman, aka Brown Bread Fred, the disposer of Jack "The Hat" McVitie, chum of those cheeky Kray twins.

Basically, he's telling us that crime don't PAY, crime in't COOL. Well we know that, but that's because no crim in their right mind would sport a name like that these days. The gangs who hang around Brixton Hill would be a lot less menacing if they had members called Jeff "Parsnip Teeth" Munroe.

Franky is cool, she reminds me of Lauren Socha, who I massively LOVE.

Tricky's new album Mixed Race is ace. Check out Murder Weapon as well.

Here is a previous Style Cramp post on a Future Shorts vid. It's really good, this one, have a look.

Future Shorts on Youtube

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