16 Nov 2009


No, not your friendly neighbourhood giant, I’m talking the Boyfriend Jacket. I am usually loathe to name-check any trend that prefixes an item of clothing with the word ‘boyfriend’, but I’m going to make an exception here because I damn love outerwear. Gone are the days when, come October, you were awash with a sea of navy or black coats to wear, come rain or shine, for the rest of the year. Now we’ve got outerwear (a deeply unsexy name for coats and jackets) for every season and all the ones in-between. Which is basically an amazing way to sell us Brits loads of coats so we can cope with our schizo weather; Big Phil probably came up with that one.

The best place to buy the BFJ is definitely charity shops and this is not just for charity shop junkies such as myself. The eighties invented boyfriend jackets after all. They just wore them ‘power’ tight with their skirt-suits rather than all nonchalant, noughties style. But they have all the basic ingredients; shoulder pads? Check. Merci beaucoup Balmain for making them sexy again. And they’re well made so you can roll-up the sleeves to flash a bit of lining. Check. Buy them one size too big and you’ve got the mid-bum length and the casual looseness. Check. And so much more bargainous than Toppers. My current favourite is a Marks and Spencer beauty, which is green and slightly darker green houndstooth. So the bottom is a bit misshapen and the shoulder pads are not quite the right bang-on-trend shape but I love it and it was three quid.

On a completely different note, I now have slightly more respect than usual for Stella McCartney. Not to say anything about her clothes, which are quite nice, I just find her irritating – lighten up Stella, it’s just leather! My favourite comedy radio duo, Adam and Joe, were requested to turn on the lights in her shop for Christmas (or something). They declined because Joe didn’t want to look like a dick, but Stella gets more cool points from me, so well done her.

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