16 Nov 2009

Treasure trench

Here at Style Cramp I think it is safe to say that we’re all rather British young ladies, with a healthy blend of decorum (when necessary) and lots of eccentricities, which fairly often we might need to re-think so people don't look at us like we are utter weirdos.

My personal love of Blighty is due to heavenly things like The Two Ronnies, Stephen Jones millinery, Blackadder, Jaqueline Wilson books, X Factor, chocolate hobnobs, Morecambe and Wise, Vivienne Westwood, Carry On films and as much tea, clotted cream, scones and cake that I can reasonably fit into my tummy.

At the top of what I think we can all agree is my rather illustrious list of anglophile appreciation, is a bloody good trench coat, so I was lickety split when I heard about a new partnership between the godlike photographer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and the hotter-than-a-hot-cross-bun iconic fashion house Burberry.

Art of the Trench features photos of enviably stylish people around the globe wearing their Burberry trench. I absolutely love this idea as it means that you can see how the classic trench is creatively worn by smart businessmen and androgynous women in New York, charming little urchins and urban sophisticates in London, edgy yet elegant men in Berlin, or retro, trendy girls in Toronto.

Apart from being highly pleasurable for nosey Style Crampers such as ourselves, this website really shows the versatility of an investment piece such as a Burberry trench. The clever website celebrates the trench as a coveted wardrobe essential as well as displaying the marketing savvy of Burberry, which can reach out to a new consumer with one well timed click of a mouse. Genius!

Apollonia Gish

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  1. Regarding decorum, my ace new dress from The Jumble Club at The Victoria pub in Hackney is gaping when I sit down and you can almost see my fruit basket.

    Still, it's got supercool shoulder pads.