16 Nov 2009

Fashion Travels

When Apps and V embarked on a cheap-ass jolly to Norway that quickly turned into the most expensive trip ever (fuck you Ryanair, and all who fly in you), a new art form was born.

Mention a fashion blog and people will happily pose for a picture. It was a lie of course, Fashion Travels doesn't exist and we hadn't started Cramp at that stage. Sorry to the lovely socialist pamphleter with the mohawk for the terrible fibs I told, and also, sorry to stonewashed 'tasche guy's tiny angry wife for appearing to molest your husband. He spoke no English, so I smiled and waved my camera at him and he was, er, a bit quick to agree to have his photo taken. We ran away pretty sharpish...

Thanks to Apps for allowing me to indulge in my favourite pastime. Getting myself into trouble and generally making mischief. Funny shit.

To those brave souls who rocked the double d, I salute you.
Vanity St Cyr


  1. Top notch trip with excellent double d and very nice scandinavian gents and gals, even if the beer was pricey and the poetry was dire. Apps x

  2. You don’t know it was dire, you don’t speak Norweg! Christopher Walken bias!