22 Nov 2009

I Heart Asos

Asos started life as the place to buy Sienna Miller/Kate Moss/Rachel Bilson (delete as appropriate) copycat clothes. Its popularity was as curious as a dead cat. Those polyester delights can still be found in their own collection but Asos has grown in both style and substance. It not only has the fashion credentials to attract big hitters like Vivienne Westwood and Richard Nicoll but the business nous to secure the online UK distribution for the mighty Gap. Then there is the Hub, a platform for new, young and (sometimes) exciting designers. Asos have made clever choices with these designers. They're all bringing some new ideas to the table without really pushing the boat out (apologies for mixing metaphors). The Asos customer will revel in discovering something new without stepping outside their comfort zone. Not to detract from the collections, they really are rather good. The prices are completely affordable too, particularly for capsule collections from relatively unknown designers. Asos certainly aren’t in it for the big bucks.

All of this is borne out in some impressive, “recession, what recession?” figures from Asos this week, with sales and profits continuing to rise here in the UK and internationally. Asos is the shining star of a high street still gloomily mired in heavy discounting. This star brings us the Christmas gifts of being able to shop at 3am in your pants, finding your size in the sale, and never having to leave your house to fight alongside those Christmas zombies on the high street. Amazing.

Yes, I love shopping online and I'm not the only one. Apparently we all like to do it on a Monday. My only beef with online shopping is the outrageous postage charges. Topshop charge £4! That’s £1 less than if I wanted my Kate Moss sequin bolero delivered to Switzerland. They're worse than loosely principled eBayers, hiking up the p&p to ensure a profit on their 'merchandise'. This will not do. Write to your MP, flyer Philip Green’s private jet, form a union and then go on your own postal strike (ouch, satire). Vive la revolucion!

Kid Page xoxo


  1. Online shopping is bitchin’ but the whole experience is kind of marred for me by the fact that I always have to wait until Saturday morn to go and pick up my garms from the Camberwell depot. The postie won’t ring my bell, the bumbaclat! I just picked up some flyyyy silk harem trousers and a cut out African print body from the Urban Outfitters sale. Complete bargains.

    Vanity xxx

  2. P.S. I am one of those bastards that hikes up the P&P on Ebay. After my fur coats stopped selling, I just had to get rid!

  3. Yo Style Cramp... wanna do the whole 'lemon yellow' thing for spring... what's your suggestions for a gal on a budget? Thanksss

  4. Shiiiit, look at this missing comments. And we say we want people to read this!

    Apologies Melissa!

    I have a couple of pretty lemony dresses that I got from a certain South London market that I am not allowed to divulge the name of (my flatmate has threatened me with knives if I let the secret out online), but because they are vintage, the light tone shows up stains pretty badly.

    Hows about these beauts from Cos? Not THAT cheap, but Cos is good quality:


  5. http://www.cosstores.com/gb/3224/1265111686/27d73163-d083-45ed-8fd4-c09d17c4afaf.img


    (here's the image URLs DUUUH)