30 Nov 2009

Ode to Suede

Here at cramp we cannot fight the gravity pull of the continent. We love a European jolly; the food, the culture, the cheap-ass flights. In between getting drunk, lost and even more drunk at Oktoberfest this year we had an enviable eye on the traditional outfits on show, particularly the classic male garb; a pair of suede leiderhosen worn over a red and white gingham shirt. A surprisingly sexy combination. The Germans aren't often noted for being fashion forward but they do know a thing or two about economics and suede has been creeping up under the radar as the perfect recession-busting material (I will be going out of my way to avoid the term chic-onomics here). It is a hardworking fabric in both senses. The Germans love it because their adorable little brats can run around, fall over, wrestle pigs and Johnny Liederhosen need never worry about ruining his shorts. And designers know that its versatility can lend itself to so many looks. It is as rich in depth and texture as velvet, as sexy and more weather-appropriate than lace and just a little bit classier than leather.

The most classic examples of suede this season have been the gorgeously drapey and grown-up alternative to the leather jacket, available pretty much everywhere.
Isabel Marant's autumn/winter 2009 collection was studded with suede, layering texture upon texture over a muted grey palette. She was also responsible for a much coveted over-the-knee suede boot, most faithfully reproduced by Topshop for those on a tighter budget. Suede is all over the high street, if you look hard enough, stealing the show from its much more promiscuous leather sister.

Vanity, I still do not know what nubuck is...

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