11 Jan 2010

Legs, Legs, Legs!

It’s the year of the leg! Which is good news for me and Alexa Chung. While I don’t have her supermodel pins, mine are passable and one of my better assets. My default uniform therefore is skirts, usually short and/or tight, which has earned me the sometime and hopefully affectionate nickname ‘the slut’. Nice.

Legs this autumn were celebrated with impractically gossamer thin tights dotted with bows, hearts and spots that were just about the appropriate side of Lolita-girly but with all of her supposed naughtiness. Obviously this sort of leg-wear is completely inappropriate for the snow so I am premiering spring’s (below-the-knee, again it’s all very school-girl naughty) sock fetish by triple layering my hosiery with tights, and two pairs of socks all filling out my robust woolworths’ wellingtons. I'm still about 10 years behind those Harajuku girls that are the real inspiration for this trend and 100 times less daring.

While St.Cyr is having Double Denim dreams about her impending trip to Berlin, one of my new year’s resolutions is to increase the legs factor and ditch the jeans as often as possible. From the looks of the spring/summer ’10 collections fashion is on my side with an abundance of greyhound hemlines (so called, as Apps will tell you, because they’re an inch from the hare...), short shorts and the underwear as outerwear trend making knickers a reasonable choice of waist-down wear. But shorts were definitely the order of the day. They ran the gamut from short and sheer suits at Valentino to leather hot pants at Balmain and complete with a utility belt at Dsquared². Over at Louis Vuitton, however, Marc Jacobs was scraping the bottom of the eighties barrel with his cycling shorts, although I certainly can't say no to anything you can lunge in.

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  1. On a recent dirty weekend in Brighton, I totally rocked the Harajuku look; white stockings and suede orange wedges (both from H&M’s January line). Not entirely weather-appropriate for a January evening on the seafront, but fabulous nonetheless!

    - Vanity St Cyr -