30 Mar 2010

Dr Martens Turn 50!

There was definitely a lengthy void in my life between the time I was stomping around the playground at primary school in my DM boots, threatening to squash boys' toes for Pogs, and the last few months when i've been practically sleeping in my newly restored ones (same black 1460 8 eyelets, same size as my old ones - what a little-big-foot I was!). It was a time peppered with some fun, mostly unsuitable, often unusual footwear, but something was missing none-the-less. I literally feel like my shoes have come home.

This may sound overly nostalgic, but I just really really love DMs. The knee-length red leather Victorian-inspired boots I used to wear, obtusely, to sixth form turned heads, but you can’t stomp around in ten inches of Berlin snow in those and still have dry feet. I learned a hard lesson the day I forgot about the archeology field trip I was going on and stood tottering around the edge of the dig avoiding loose dirt, looking like a silly tart. This would have been a good time to have had on DMs.

To celebrate their half-century, Dr. Martens are releasing 1460 pairs of limited edition classic 8 eyelet boots and shoes in black and cherry red pebbled leather.

Dr.Martens have also invited 10 bands to record their version of cult classics that represent the spirit of the boot, famous for being the stomper of choice for skinheads, grungers and hipsters alike. The videos will be available from their website on their birthday on April 1st.

· Noisettes covering Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn’t've (The Buzzcocks)

· Dam-Funk covering The Things Dreams Are Made Of (Human League)

· The Duke Spirit covering If The Kids Are United (Sham 69)

This has just reminded me of the great album I got free with a pair I had when I was younger – shoes this time. It had some killer tracks on it, two by Pulp and Suede. If that doesn’t evoke the appeal of the boot in the ‘90s..!

Vivienne Westwood for Dr Martens

To toast the boots' enduring popularity, the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery are putting on an exhibition, Dr Martens at 50: The Making of an Icon.

Lulu Guinness for Dr Martens

And check out the corset Baby Phat have made out of DMs to celebrate:

Baby Phat

What a wickedz birthday present.

Reasons I love DMs:

1) good for climbing walls.

2) good for getting stuck in snow.

Vanity St Cyr x

Images courtesy of Dr Martens, nylonmag.com, notcot.org and me

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