2 Apr 2010

EASTer ahoy

The reggae trousers are on which means fun is to be had. Generally these trousers are seen in such marvellous venues as Hootannanys in Brixton, but I shall be East this holiday weekend, drinking and generally larking about.

Undecided whether to check out the American Apparel Rummage Sale as the crowds are going to be pretty immense. Might pop down to Brick Lane, see if it's any good. Looks more likely i'll stay in the pub...

Will update post weekend!


  1. lol! it's been shut down by the police because there are 26,000 guests confirmed on facebook!

  2. Like the new headline. I dunno what reggae trousers are but they sound awesome. Maybe the 2 legs of reggae trousers are two different colours, cos then they would be 2-tone. Geddit?

  3. Reggae trousers ARE awesome. And they're better than two-tone, they're multi-patterned.

    They indicate the start of summer. I always don them on bank holiday weekends. They bare the scars of some brilliant nights out.