1 Mar 2010

LFW Lowlights

Apart from Apollonia, who is a bonafide fashion journo and hence invited to actual shows (Paul Costello was a highlight, she says), Kid and myself can only swoon from the other side of the computer screen or magazine page at the beautiful things that graced the catwalks at this year's London Fashion Week. We have aspirations to be seated eight rows back from Anna Wintour at some point in our fledgling careers, but will have to make do with temping and making our own clothes for the time being.

I'm sure you've heard the highlights, so here are my lowlights
from our London Fashion Week:

- Not being close enough to identify the important looking people smoking outside Burberry's
show at Chelsea College of Art and Design on my walk home from work. One looked like it could have been Mario Testino (too far away, can't be sure). Apparently there was a shower of sequins at the end. Fancy.

- Trying to sneak into the Matthew Williamson show without a pass. Failing. Kid and I lacked the confidence, plus we were severely ashamed of our footwear: second-hand grandad brogues and a home cut Laura Ashley dress may cut it on the mean streets of Brixton but they are laughable on the cobbles of Somerset House during LFW. To be fair, we only wanted to see some art exhibition that wasn't even on that day *stupid us*.

- Seeing a 14 year old girl photographing models at the Williamson show who was
approximately 1600 times cooler and better dressed than us. Don't care who she was or why she was there, but her skeleton tights were epic and we felt a little bit like dying.

Peace out and roll on LFW 2011. Hey, Kid, maybe see you there!

Vanity St Cyr. x

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