2 Mar 2010

Red Flag to a Bull

If you've ever seen 'Blair's Babes' or 'Cameron's Cuties', you will know that politics and fashion do not mix, and are possibly not even aware of each other. As a feminist I obviously care far more about what female politicians say than what they wear, but Sarah Palin brings brand new meanings to the words 'female' and 'politician' and thus she is as far game for a fashion dissection as any Alaskan critter that wanders into her path is for shootin'. The reason for this post? Sarah Palin likes to wear red, what's that about? Well, after five minutes of thoroughly unthorough internet-based research I have some pop-psychology theories that could be the answer to this conundrum.

- It is no secret that Palin likes to hunt, perhaps her clothes are a physical representation of the bloodlust that courses through her.

-The colour red helps the wearer to portray confidence or feel powerful. It can also cause others to feel intimidated and potentially less effective in negotiations and confrontations. Useful for that presidential role she's not running for in 2012.

- 'pparently, winning football teams are more likely to have red strips, not sure if that crosses over into elections though.

- The colour red makes women more attractive and sexually desirable to men. That's right Sarah, confuse them with sex and guns and BOOBS.
- The Republican Party is traditionally represented by the colour red and her campaign manager told her to do it.

See below for our Vanity rocking the Palin look. Running for President in 2012? No comment. We couldn't possibly comment....

Photo of the Palinator courtesy of photobucket.com

Kid Page x


  1. Politics + The Power of the Almighty $$$ = Narcissism?

    Jesus Christ, Sarah...you almost got there.