3 Mar 2010

Naked and Nude

John Berger; writer, critic, right-on feminist famously said “To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others...nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display”. The nude trend is thus called because everyone is going to be looking at you. I won't be getting into the racial implications of nude being only various shades of peach, cream and apricot in this post, I’ll leave that one to Spike Lee.

Journalists seem to ubiquitously acknowledge that men “don’t get” fashion. Admittedly there are some trends that men probably don’t get; big shoulders, harem trousers and most things that Rihanna wears. The spring shows however, which had a great deal more media coverage than fabric covering the models, were all about sex appeal with sheer, short or nude features dominating. This brings us to the naked/nude conundrum.

Anyone brave enough to go out in my home-town on a Friday night would agree that the ultimate look to attract a guy is half a metre of fabric away from completely naked. We are classier than that. We don’t go out half-naked because we don’t want to accidentally attract a wayward footballer and also it’s cold. We want to look naked without actually looking naked. So rather than a short skirt and St. Tropez, layer–up with nude and flirt with the subtle language of an incomprehensible fashion trend instead. We’re all sluts really.

x KP x

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