27 May 2010

Alfie's Nostalgia Saturdays

Style Cramp's getting a little obsessed with the 1940s! What with struggling to stuff our hair into victory rolls before work and lindy hopping badly round our room, we've picked up a few catchphrases along the way. I've tweeted 'spiffing' at least three times in the last fortnight, and for some reason I have the urge to keep shouting "potted meat!" at Apollonia. We even had a mutton and turnip pie at the Ministry of Food exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, but thank goodness their rations stretched past powdered egg and acorn coffee.

On Saturday we trekked over to Alfie's Antique Market in Marylebone with old college chum (see?!) 
Natalie who was reviewing Alfie's Nostalgia Saturdays for The London Word and yearned over the enormous collection of shoes, hats, frocks and slacks. A sprawling and expertly-selected antiques market across three floors, their weekend events have a different vintage theme every week and this week it was '40s and '50s.

We loved the Mad Men stylings of the '50s office furniture and there was some beautiful glassware and kitchenware - a Bakelite Thermos caught my attention - but I know practically nothing about antiques, sadly, though I was pretty interested by what the dealers had to say about their pieces.

Rather than attempt to research '50s furniture design, we'll stick to talking about the fashion.

The Girl Can't Help it
 was the main clothing outlet, packed to the rafters with high-quality vintage merch. Not cheap but for these excellent garms it shouldn't be.
Lord Robert of Wembley and Chastisement

He wrote to Queen Victoria to make that title official but the fat bitch never got back to him.

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