17 Jun 2010

Rockabilly stylings

Style Cramp's had some Stray Cats in our earphones this morning, and it's got us thinking about Rockabilly and fashion.

Americana has always been a bit of an obsession of ours; as a kid we had an Arkansas Razorbacks varsity jacket which was pretty coveted by the other kids in year 5.

We listened to nothing but Elvis Presley from the age of about 8 til 12 (until we discovered the black singers he was copying and changed our musical affiliations). A visit to an Elvis convention weekend aged 11 was heaven until we got to go to Graceland and see the real thang.

Just like the Stray Cats did in the '80s, fashion has taken elements of Rockabilly and created a new, contemporary look with it. In the same way the working class fashion-minded boys of the 1950s revived Edwardian 'Saville Row' type tailoring and made it their own, Alice Dellal has made a name for herself with her trademark look of cropped vests, hot pants, ripped fish nets and brothel creepers.

The teddy boy shoe has made quite a comeback as an alternative to the tough and casual boots of AW09 (the trusty favourite of ours, the DM being an example).

We love these blue ones from Asos, but we'd rather buy creepers with a story to tell, like kicking a mod. Blood stains included.

So brothel creepers with ripped hosiery is all very well if you have the hot bod of a supermodel a la Dellal, but what about for us normals? What's a good teddy boy look?

We're liking bootlace ties at the moment. If you don't fancy looking like Johnny Cash though, then team a ribbon or narrow scarf with a high-necked shirt. Make sure to get some leg out though, to balance the whole look out and avoid been called a 'Sloaney Pony' which is what our boss called us. We told him it was 'rodeo chic' but he didn't buy it!

Skinny jeans or girly dresses also look ace with creepers. Add a pair of ankle socks for flirty feminine charm with edge. Despite the fact that one creeper-loving Independent journalist calls the sockless "Godless", rule and there's no two ways about it.

Here are some of our favourite Rockabilly-inspired looks from across the fashion sphere:


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