13 Jul 2010

Heads and (peacock) tails above the rest

We hate to brag but we're off to THE most stylish festival in a couple of weeks, Secret Garden Party and we've begun to put together our maddest, baddest, most preposterous outfit yet. This year we won't be beaten. The theme is fact or fiction, so a Star Trek jumpsuit takes care of a 'theme', and Karen Carpenter-esque dresses and glitter takes care of the rest.

In need of a stunning headdress, we tweeted the love and stunning Miggy of www.miggylikestheinternet.com, wearer of nice head-gear and style blogger extraordinaire, and Bitching and Junkfood was the direction in which she sent us. Loving their feather and leather crowns, but being all poor and lowly and that, we timidly asked them to make us something up, bespoke like.

And they were more than happy to! Here's Marina of the Diamonds wearing a Bitching and Junkfood beaut:

Bitching and Junkfood have been on most fashionista's radar for a while, and it's clear to see why, they make right nice accessories.

Necklaces and headdress from B and J line for Urban Outfitters

THANKS Bitching and Junkfood!!


  1. The female keyboard player in Marina and the Diamonds chatted me up once!

  2. Just coz she SAID she was in a band...