12 Jul 2010

J'aime mon bicyclette!

Bikes bikes bikes! It's all Style Cramp can think about right now. Soon we will be cycling around London with market goods in our basket, pretending Elephant and Castle is Montmarte. Ok, we have a BIG imagination.


Isn't it this Bronx Metropole a 24 carat stunner? S'red! With a basket! Yeah we don't know a lot about bikes, but we know what's pretty. And it'll soon be ours.

Now, we aren't likely to be Tour de Francing it up in lycra shorts and shaving all our body hair off. So long as we don't catch our dress in the spokes we're happy. But we will be cycling to work so we'll need a sensible-while-chic bag type affair.

 You can put your fruit in it, apparently
[Ally Capellino for Apple]

This is THE bag we want. We don't have an Apple Mac *CRY*, and the price of this gorgeous canvas rucksack, sadly, is in realms of the reason why don't. Here are some alternatives for all you keen bike fans. BIKES RULE!

We love the leather satchel so! Both bags are from Asos, so it's good to know there's choice in the men's section if we struggle to find one in women's.





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