5 Aug 2010

Cramp crush: Yazbukey

Style Cramp's crush this week is accessory line, Yazbukey, not least because it's run by two Ottoman princesses born from the loins of an Egyptian king.

There's something quite charming about their plexiglass icon-faces on strings.

We want the Karl, WE NEEEEED THE KARL!

They reminded us of these masks which Style Cramp took to The Secret Garden Party.

Another fun element is working out the pop icon. Kind of like couture minipops.

Designers Yaz and Emil say they're inspired by the music of Gershwin, the tales of the brothers Grimm, and the movies of Hitchcock and Burton. There's definite likenesses between these pieces and
Gilbert and George for Tatty Devine. Style Cramp loves both.

Think pop art images of Freddie Mercury and Marylin Monroe lacks originality? Well what about French singer S├ębastien Tellier for a muse (AW2010)?

Pick up a pendant from their website


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