8 Aug 2010

My Gosh Marvellous

Style Cramp, alongside Yay or Nay, got on the jive again at the My Gosh Marvellous vintage summer ball at Proud Camden last Sunday.

Gypsy jazz, 30s and 40s decadence, West End performers, magic and cocktails.

Style Cramp LOVES a bit of 40s escapism.

Thanks Y.O.N for letting us nick the pics!

Looking for real vintage inspiration?
Check out the Vintage Queens on www.queensofvintage.com. Style Cramp's got a couple of articles on there too, seek 'em out!

Want to jive with the big cats?
Why not take up the Lindy Hop! Style Cramp did a few lessons, it's not easy we can tell you!


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