5 Nov 2010

Cramp crush: Laura Lombardi Jewellery

I love love love these ethnic pieces from Laura Lombardi. They're available from Dust, which is an ace little boutique in Herne Hill. Due to rocketing rent prices and the general over-running of chains which is now beginning to occur on my road (oh the grief we've caused the new Pizza Express downstairs!) they're being forced to relocate. Very sad, but this is not the avenue to groan about the loss of localised business. I shall proceed with that on Twitter.
Vintage brass stud earrings / £20.00
Scale necklace / £35.00
Stacked rectangle necklace / £45.00

Ethically produced and not overly expensive. Tick and tick.

If anyone is taking note for Christmas, the last one is my favourite!

Dust will continue to sell online. Laura's jewellery is also available on her Etsy shop.

Laura Lombardi for Dust
Dust Boutique shop  
Dust Boutique blog
Laura Lombardi on Etsy 

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