8 Nov 2010

Let's adore and endure each other


It seems a mighty long time ago I started this blog (about a year) with two friends/fashion insiders. We had some big ideas and it worked for a while, but they had other commitments and the contribution trailed off. That's OK, but I stuck with it.

I went from sending apologetic emails out to PR agencies, to getting invites, to getting second invites. No, i'm no Susie Bubble and I still have little impact on fashion/blogging dynamics, but that's OK because i'm at least getting respect.

I've been wanting to expand my horizons a little bit for a while, but have struggled with the question of whether to keep a strict focus on one thing like fashion to gain a following, or whether it's OK to put other things on here. Do I want to be one of those 'personal bloggers'? Is being another 'fashion blogger' any better? I love writing about fashion, but it's not all I write about in my freelance work, so in the end I just thought "well it is my blog. I can write what I like."

I'm going to let some other tings trickle in here. I still love fashion. But I also love blues, reggae, grime, Caribbean films and books. And sometimes I even think about social stuff, YA KNOW?

So we'll see what happens.

This is not the end. This is only the beginning.


  1. Can you tell us how to get more followers on twitter pls?